A Study of Autobiographies: Confessions, Facts, Fiction and Hypothesis


  • Mohammed Osman Abdul Wahab King Khalid University Abha
  • Nisar Ahmad Koka King Khalid University Abha
  • Mohammed Nurul Islam King Khalid University Abha




autobiographies, truth in autobiographies, Urdu autobiographies, confessions, facts in autobiographies, fiction in autobiographies, the element of exaggeration in autobiographies


Since ancient times, man has attempted to express his inner feelings, covetousness and inclination to the world through various mediums e.g. poetry, drama, story, etc. Literature is one of the outcomes of the man’s efforts to reveal his aspirations to the world. Literature has avalanche of the widespread genre which is always subject to precisely apprehend and assimilate. Biography and autobiography are the two different genres of literature. The life of an individual is full of sweet and bitter experiences. There are incidences in an individual’s life which he or she never wants to share with anybody. Politicians, Rulers, Socialites, Movie Stars and other public personalities are also normal human beings. They too have their personal share of problems in their lives and in an attempt to resolve those issues they sometimes commit mistakes and even crimes which they never want anyone to know. Sometimes they commit these mistakes, misdemeanours, felonies or crimes because of their lustful desires or inclinations.  The present paper is a result of interest and curiosity to know if individuals share such information in their autobiographies.

Author Biographies

Mohammed Osman Abdul Wahab, King Khalid University Abha

Department of English, Faculty of Languages and Translation

Nisar Ahmad Koka, King Khalid University Abha

Department of English, Faculty of Languages and Translation

Mohammed Nurul Islam, King Khalid University Abha

Department of English, Faculty of Languages and Translation


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