Capitalization Roles in Subtitled Igbo Movies: The Translator’s Aid


  • Christopher Chinedu Nwike University of Nigeria
  • Christopher Uchenna Agbedo University of Nigeria
  • Ndubuisi Ihechinyere Ebulu Nnamdi Azikiwe University



capitalization, grammar and subtitle


The study revolves around capitalization roles in subtitled Igbo movies: The translator’s aid by focusing on the relevance of the translator in making sure that the right information is appropriated. The study shows that capitalization is the writing of a word of a particular language with its first letter in uppercase or big letters while the remaining letters in lowercase or small letters. However, capitalization error is involved with wrong use or application of capitalization in written utterances of a particular language. In other to have the right message in the movie used for the study, this research adopted the methodology of description in its design in order to account for the movie used for the study. In doing this, the researcher played and replayed the movie in order to describe the information correctly and also, recognizing the different places capitalizations are used or should set in. The study finds out that there is need to avoid capitalization errors in any written information and concludes by recommending the translators services or aid, as it will help to make available the supposed and worth having information in the target language.

Author Biographies

Christopher Chinedu Nwike, University of Nigeria

Department of Linguistics, Igbo and Other Nigerian Languages

Christopher Uchenna Agbedo, University of Nigeria

Department of Linguistics, Igbo and Other Nigerian Languages

Ndubuisi Ihechinyere Ebulu, Nnamdi Azikiwe University

Department of Linguistics


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