A Reading of “Female and Feminine” Images in North and South From a Feminist Perspective


  • Tianzhuo Chu Tongji University




North and South, Elizabeth Gaskell, feminism, “female and feminine” images


Elizabeth Gaskell is one of the most famous female writers of the Victorian age. North and South is one of Mrs. Gaskell’s three social novels. Influenced by feminism, Mrs. Gaskell mainly emphasizes the idea of equality between men and women, that women should be in control of their own lives, have their own ideas, be independent and be strong. This essay mainly represents different female as well as “feminine” male characters in this novel which serve to highlight the ideal perfect female image from a feminist perspective, focusing on the feminist ideas and reflections projected behind these characters. This article aims to reveal that in modern society, harmony and equality between men and women are of great importance in building a harmonious society.

Author Biography

Tianzhuo Chu, Tongji University

School of Foreign Languages


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