Attitudes of Saudi Non-English Major Students Towards Learning English


  • Nawaf J. Alsubaie University of Bisha



attitudes towards EFL, culture of English, Saudi non-English students


The present study aims at investigating the attitudes of Saudi non-English major students towards learning English at the University of Bisha, Bisha, Saudi Arabia. In addition, the study attempts to identify how the students view the culture of English, English native speakers, and the importance of English in the present time. The data were collected from 80 Saudi non-English major students at the University of Bisha through a three-point Likert scale questionnaire with 13 closed-ended items. The data obtained from the questionnaire were analyzed quantitatively using SPSS. The results of this study show that the students have overall positive attitudes towards learning English. Apart from this, it was found that the students are aware of the importance of English in the present time. Interestingly, the students reflected positive attitudes towards the culture of English and English native speakers. Finally, some implications for teachers and recommendations for future research are presented.

Author Biography

Nawaf J. Alsubaie, University of Bisha

Department of English, College of Arts


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