Construction and Implementation of a New Intelligent Teaching Model of Business English Based on Constructivism


  • Hongxia Zhang Taishan University



intelligent teaching model, Business English, International Business Negotiation, practical application ability, reformed teaching


Communicating and teaching Business English online are currently in demand. Based on the theory of constructivism, this study takes International Business Negotiation of the Business English major as an example, with the School-Enterprise Cooperation Class that consists of 42 students of the 2018 cohort of a university as the experimental group. Employing certain research methods such as literature review, questionnaire survey, interview, experimental teaching methods, etc., this research constructs and tests out a brand new intelligent teaching model for International Business Negotiation with the goal of enhancing students’ practical application abilities in the “Internet+” era, and explores the effect of this model in promoting students’ abilities, such as autonomous learning, mobile learning, innovative thinking and practical application of knowledge, etc. This research provides a new, reasonable, and effective teaching approach towards teaching International Business Negotiation and other similar courses of Business English. It provides effective guidance for the reformed teaching of International Business Negotiation, while also giving directions for the reformed teaching of Business English, as well as other foreign languages and courses in the era of “Internet+”. At the same time, this research focuses on the working process, which provides practical guidance for students to negotiate efficiently in their future careers.


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