On College Students’ Listening Anxiety and Listening Strategy


  • Zhen Zhou Nanchang Normal University




listening anxiety, anxiety level, listening strategy, correlation, frequency of use


Research on college students’ listening anxiety and listening strategy has become a hot issue and attracts much concern of scholars and experts in the second language acquisition. Some researches prove that listening anxiety is universal and pervasive in the language learning process and listening strategy plays a crucial role in lowering or reducing college students’ listening anxiety and improving their listening ability. In order to study college students’ listening anxiety, listening strategy and the correlation between college students’ listening anxiety and listening strategy, an empirical study is carried out on the 2020th English majors. This study combines quantitative method and qualitative method and adopts “Questionnaire about English listening strategy” and “Questionnaire about English listening anxiety”. The study reveals that: firstly, among the listening strategy, meta-cognitive strategy is the most frequent strategy that college students use; cognitive strategy is more frequent than social or affective strategy used by college students; social or affective strategy is the least frequent strategy that college students use. Secondly, although college students suffer from universal listening anxiety, the level of listening anxiety is low. Thirdly, the correlation between college students’ listening anxiety and listening strategy is not significant. It also means that listening anxiety is not related to social or affective strategy, related to meta-cognitive strategy. This study aims to help Chinese college educators and students to realize the effect of listening anxiety and the appropriate use of listening strategy.

Author Biography

Zhen Zhou, Nanchang Normal University

Foreign Language School


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