The Literary Pleasure of Dalia Al-Nahshli’s Poem ‘Al-Khali Fell Asleep’


  • Khaled Al-Badayneh Tafila Technical University



structure, consistency, coherence, death


This study aims to show the artistic and literary value of Al-Nahshli poem. The pleasure of the text comes from the presence of its textual standards, highlighting its thematic unity, which is so clear from the general meaning of the texts, without relying on the linguistic links that represent the standard of consistency, which is the first of the seven text criteria for De Beaugrande & Dressler (1981). The poem is a sad contemplation, a complaint about the passing of time, and a tingling twinge of old age that includes judgments and sermons inspired by human experiences on the extent of his historical consciousness; the idea of ​​death dominates the poem from beginning to end, this fate that human thought in all its stages as a state of dilemma; the poet was one of those who felt this fate.

Author Biography

Khaled Al-Badayneh, Tafila Technical University

Arabic Department, Faculty of Arts


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