Conversational Code-Switching Among Thai Teenage Multilingual Gamers: A Sequential Analysis


  • Achiraya Umpornpun Thammasat University
  • Preechaya Mongkolhutthi Thammasat University



code-switching, multilingualism, sequential analysis


Using the pragmatic approach to code-switching studies, this paper presents a case study of how a group of Thai multilingual teenagers employ code-switching to organise their discourse while gaming. Auer’s method of sequential analysis was used to reveal the ways participants used code-switching to negotiate the language for interaction and to organise conversational tasks. Participants were found to have used both participant-related and discourse-related code-switching in their interactions with one another. Analysis of these instances of code-switching suggests that code-switching is used as an additional resource by multilingual teenagers to achieve particular conversation goals in interaction, and that multilingualism is a linguistic and interactive resource that is unique to those that are able to communicate in more than one language.

Author Biographies

Achiraya Umpornpun, Thammasat University

Language Institute

Preechaya Mongkolhutthi, Thammasat University

Language Institute


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