Definition of the Term "The Wound" in the Jordanian Penal Law


  • Saad A. Miqdad Applied Science Private University
  • Hamzeh M. Abu Issa Applied Science Private University
  • Naji M. Alwerikat Police Institute



legislative interpretation, Penal Law, Jordanian Law, Legal Parlance, linguistic connotation


The aim of this article is to evaluate the definition of the term "The Wound- (Al-Jořh)" in the Jordanian Penal Law by finding out the linguistic meaning of the term and its idiomatic meaning in forensic medicine by taking into account the term definition within the Penal Law added for the term "The wound". Depending on the descriptive-analytical methodology, these definitions will be evaluated and presented and then compared with the definition contained in the Jordanian Penal Law. The analysis concluded: the omission of the definition "the wound" in the Jordanian Penal Law, to indicate the possibility that the wound is internal to the viscera and not external; and "the wound" may mean harm to honor and the feelings that may be exposed to by the tongue, for example, cursing.

Author Biographies

Saad A. Miqdad, Applied Science Private University

Faculty of Arts & Science

Hamzeh M. Abu Issa, Applied Science Private University

Faculty of Law


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