English Learning Demotivating Factors Among Non-English Majors in Medical University


  • Yanzhi Meng Xinxiang Medical University




demotivating factors, English learning, medical university, non-English majors


Learning motivation is closely related to second language acquisition. Strong learning motivation can make up for the lack of language competence and poor learning conditions to a certain extent, while lack of motivation or demotivation will hinder language-gifted learners from achieving their expected learning goals. This study investigates the demotivating factors of learning English among non-English majors in medical university by interviewing 60 undergraduates. The findings show that the demotivating factors mainly involve the teachers, teaching contents, learning environment and the learners. The study further puts forwards some practical suggestions for stimulating and maintaining students’ learning motivation.

Author Biography

Yanzhi Meng, Xinxiang Medical University

School of Foreign Languages


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